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Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy

Effective Mentoring Strategies for Working with SMEs at Risk of Failure

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to help SMEs to develop resilience and manage change, helping to ensure their future success.

The Early Warning Europe Mentor Academy, or EWEMA, provides mentors with the knowledge, skills, competences and understanding that they need to help business owners to identify and manage risks through recognition, prevention and recovery strategies.

This comprehensive course is designed for both new and experienced mentors who want to learn how to better support SMEs at the risk of failure. The course also introduces different tools and techniques that are best suited to analysing problems and managing change within SMEs at risk of failure. Across the four modules, you will gain an understanding of the key factors associated with resilience, change, and business success and failure. You will also learn how to develop trust and build strong relationships with business owners.

  • Module 1: learn to build trust with SME business owners and to recognise key factors associated with resilience, change, and business success and failure.
  • Module 2: develop your ability to identify, select, adapt, and apply tools and techniques to analyse problems and manage change within SMEs at risk of failure.
  • Module 3: discover key factors associated with operational resilience, and crisis and risk management, and reflect on the importance of mental wellbeing and support networks for SME business owners.
  • Module 4: recognise the importance of national systems, contexts and cultures in delivering mentoring and support services, and the value of networks and partnerships for your own work as a mentor.

By completing this course, mentors will be well-equipped to help SMEs at risk of failure, helping to build resilience and ensure their future success.